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Leamington Couriers, 1930s
A small selection of Kenilworth stories from 1933 to 1935 


13th January 1933
This is the opening of the new Senior School off Priory Road; headmaster Andrew Hacking to the left. The single storey part extended around two thirds of the playground; it was expected that it would eventually all be converted to two-storey, but only half of it was. It was built using ‘local bricks’. The building of the school allowed a great re-organisation of Kenilworth’s schools. The elder children from the Council School (on the same site, extreme right) would stay at the new school, and would be joined by the seniors from the Church of England School (School Lane) and St John’s schools; those schools remained as Primary Schools, and the Primary age children from the Council school were to be split between the two. St Johns school was still next to St Johns church, but a new school was being built in Roseland Road. The building of the new Senior School in Leyes Lane in the 1960s, saw this school become St Nicholas Primary School.


7th December 1934
The pupils of Abbotsford School gave a pre-Christmas Concert at a packed Parochial Hall in December 1934. It included nursery rhymes and dancing by ‘the tiny tots’, and this extract from The Tempest by the older girls. From the left are, Beryl Blick, Kathleen Moss, Joan Towler, and Lucy Sykes.


27th April 1934
This is the new line up of the Kenilworth Urban District Council after the 1934 elections.
From the left, standing, are J A Salkeld, Eli Shaw (the town Surveyor), F Faxon, W L Griffiths, T G Jackson, J Akerman, W Bostock, Major H R Watling.
Sitting are, Dr L Smalley, J Leaver, J C Whittaker (Clerk), G Tisdale, E Gee, W H E Hiorns, S Rollason.


25th January 1935


30th August 1935


10th August 1934


9th August 1935


3rd February 1933
This is the opening ceremony of the new fire station on Upper Rosemary Hill. It was built to house the fire engine donated by Annie Cay, and she is seen here receiving the key from Town Surveyor Sholto Douglas. In addition to the fire station, Douglas also designed the Chapel at the cemetery and all Kenilworth’s Council Houses to this point, including those in St John’s Street and the Hyde Road estate. Watching on is KUDC Chairman, J H Clarke.


29th March 1935


16th August 1935
Stickley Brothers were well established in Kenilworth as wood and coal dealers. They had a yard with a sawmill in Henry Street which was more or less destroyed in this fire. It was the end for the firm, although one of the brothers continued as a coal merchant and a son, Lester, was already establishing himself as a scrap metal dealer in Spring Lane. The woodyard site was built on, it is now 2 to 26 (even). Stickley Brothers story, and that of Lester, can be found in Kenilworth People & Places, Volume 3



19th January 1934


3rd May 1935



Pre-war Carnivals