Rails to Kenilworth and Milverton (1999)


  88 A4 pp including 50 illustrations and 3 layout plans. rrp £7.95. Now only £7

A more detailed look at the origins and early days of Kenilworth’s branch-line (including a detailed description from an engineer in the 1840s), the 150th anniversary celebrations, rail-workers reminiscences, newspaper reports of incidents and the most detailed account in print of the origins of the rail system of Leamington and Warwick to which the branch was joined.

Illustrations include the only published plans of the original Kenilworth and Milverton station layout development, superb photographs from the Patrick Kingston collection of the station’s last days, as well as many previously unpublished photographs by local enthusiasts.

Available via this website, Kenilworth Books, or from the publishers www.odibournepress.co.uk


Kenilworth Weekly News, 4th June 1999