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Historic England Photographs
These photographs, and others, can be found on the Historic England website  Historic England, Kenilworth

This is dated June 1894 and is credited to the London & North Western Railway. It includes remarkable detail, some of which can be seen below:

The business on the left is the ‘Edward Stokes Drapery Emporium’ which specialised in discounted clothes (and is mentioned in detail in Victorian Kenilworth and its People) who ended in business in 1888. The next businesses are Newton, a chemist and druggist that had been established since the 1830s, and then Buswell; the only Buswell business I can find was a saddler who became bankrupt in 1887. The two dates that Stokes and Buswell ended their businesses suggest the date of the photograph may be older than that given.
The three-wheel cycle is possibly a Starley ‘Royal Salvo’, or similar.


The water tower, a photograph dated at April 1944.



Looking north up Warwick Road with Queens Road to the left, dated as 1925-1935. The bicycle leaning against the fence belongs to the business of J Haycock, butcher, 11 The Square.

Detail from the above image. Extreme left is the bay window of the building that is Abbacraft today. The lady is peering over the fence of the first cottage of Fairview. Walter Osborne is the licensee of the Bear & Ragged Staff. To the right it would appear that Boy Scouts are taking an interest in the photographer, or perhaps the car.


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