Town Guide Photographs, 1971 – 1987



Many new photographs appeared in the next edition, including this one of the former Edward’s Charity School


This view of High Street is still very similar 50 or more years later. The streetlights have gone but a telegraph pole remains.


This fondly-remembered slide was installed in the park as part of the 1953 Coronation celebrations; it is seen before its safety cage was added! Its summit provided this author with an ideal spot for taking photographs of the swimming pool redevelopments in the mid 1980s, as can be seen on another page.


The swimming pool had major modifications in the mid-60s, including creating an open space at the churchyard end, and encroaching into the park towards the bowling green for the building of new changing rooms, which created a sunroof, from which this photograph is taken.


For a number of years the Town Council met in the Castle gatehouse.


As well as its other attractions, ‘modern’ Kenilworth was also showcased with two photographs. This is Talisman Square in its original form; shopfronts are recessed under the upper floors, the staircase led to the flats on the first floor, and a small garden attracted numerous birds, notably sparrows. The supermarket Budgens, is on the left.


The new senior school development in Leyes Lane, now replaced and soon (in 2023) to be demolished; the new Kenilworth School is in the large field beyond the far end of Leyes Lane. Notable is the surrounding countryside, now covered with housing.



This issue included two photographs of the Abbey Fields. At the time the lake only existed in the winter and skating had been a regular pastime for over a century.  The lower photograph shows the latest addition to the park, on the left, where part of the garden of a High Street property had been donated in 1974.




The Town Council took pride in promoting its new indoor swimming pool in the Abbey Fields.


Amongst the interest in this view are the trees and flower beds at Abbey End which were removed during a later refurbishment.


The Bank Gallery had recently been converted from a joint bank / post office building dating from the 1880s, which in turn was the rebuilding of a less splendid house.

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