2023  –  the Swimming Pool Café site


As the demolition of the 1984 indoor swimming pool continued in January 2023, well-preserved medieval stonework was uncovered, more or less under where the café on the corner had stood.

It appears to be part of a high quality two-storey building, and has been suggested it may have been the miller’s house. Two buildings suitable for demolition are known to have been in this area in about 1600; could this be one and the floor found in the children’s play area be the other? Similarities can be seen with the stonework uncovered in 2014 at the Gatehouse.

It is hoped to add more details to the swimming pool excavations as they become available, and in time the full archaeology report.

The photographs were taken by the archaeologist on behalf of the author.

                   An overlay showing the location of the excavations in relation to the outline plan of the pool complex.                    With thanks to Sam Leach for the drone photograph, taken after demolition was more or less complete.


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