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The Clocktower and The Square

The Square before the clocktower was built (started in June 1906) but after trees had been planted (c1900). On the left, the prominent house with a gated access to the rear is The Poplars, one of many houses on the main thoroughfare to be named after trees.


The absence of pedestrians makes the image a little difficult to date. The chimneys of Edwardian The Roseary and Salumin can be seen above the rebuilt (thought to be early post WW1) frontages of the shops alongside The Globe on the right hand side, but it is pre 1932 when Abbey End was widened resulting in the right hand end of the building behind the clocktower being rebuilt.






A photograph by Amos Elkington who had his studio at Castle Grove. He was in business in Kenilworth only from 1906 to 1909; the very new appearance of the tower confirms the photograph is from that time. The trees were removed within a few years of the clock tower being built.



Two similar views looking south down The Square; the lower card was posted in 1905.
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An inter-war photograph, to the right can be seen the Kenilworth Garage of Mr Butler, established in about 1925


Two pre-1932 photographs, yet to be dated more accurately.