The Problem with Kenilworth Town Council……

…is that they have little say in the matter; they have only an advisory and consultancy role.

The Town Council could prepare the most suitable and popular plan that the townsfolk agree upon, and Warwick District Council could reject it. Similarly, Warwick District Council could propose a hideous plan, opposed by every member of Kenilworth Town Council on behalf of their voters, and WDC could plough ahead regardless.

This is not the fault of the Town Council, nor its elected members, of the present or past.

The Town Council has a Cycling Strategy group, which influences the Council’s policy, and their Cycling Strategy Document of December 2019 includes:

‘3.1.1 Route 1 – Abbey Fields connection of Sustrans Route 52. The desire to create a cycle route through Abbey Fields enjoys considerable support locally. With the planned Leisure Developments at Abbey Fields and Castle Farm the idea has added importance as part of a potential green travel plan to service the new facilities. Whilst the issue has proved contentious with some people, removing restrictions on cycle access to this area of the town is seen as vital to facilitate East-West travel and form better connectivity. By adopting this strategy, the Town Council is taking a clear position that it supports the provision of safe cycling routes within Abbey Fields which respect the particular environment and history of the area.’

Their tactics include:

‘Write to the District Council outlining its support for safe cycling in Abbey Fields and ask WDC to come forward with a plan that includes cycling in this area.’


It remains to be seen if Warwick District Council can produce, ‘safe cycling routes within Abbey Fields which respect the particular environment and history’, and, should they fail, if the Town Council can successfully oppose such a scheme.


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